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We have some fantastic new changes!

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Hey guys, thank you for reading this update thread. :)

We've added Auction House, which will hopefully improve you guys' shopping experiences! AuctionHouse, which I'm sure you're all famillar with allows players to list items for sale on an auction house accessible with the /ah command!

We've also revamped the economy, meaning that you'll all now recieve more money for the items you sell!
You now all have access to /worth so you can see how much your items sell for too!

However, that's not even the best bit!
We now have 70+ custom enchantments. These include target-tracing arrows, lumber axes, block-breaking lasers, and much more! To get these enchantments on your items, enchant as you normally would, and you have a chance of getting one of the new enchantments! (My personal favourite is definitely speed. ;))

Here's a list of them and what they do. :)


We've added spawners to the in-game store. :)

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Just a quick announcement to tell you all that we've added spawners to the in-game store. You're able to buy different spawn eggs to change the spawners with. If you have requests for anything else to be added to the store, please comment below!

We have successfully updated to 1.14!

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Hey everyone, a quick announcement here!

We've successfully updated to 1.14! This means that all new chunks loaded will be 1.14 chunks. New villages, Pillager Outposts, and other things will all be loaded in when new chunks are found. :)

We hope you enjoy the new update!


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Starting from the first of October, we're bringing in top voter rewards!
At the end of the month, the person who has voted for the server the most will receive a store voucher for $15. :)
The people who come in 2nd and 3rd will get $5.

Good luck to anyone who's going to try, and thank you again for supporting RainyRealms!

End reset.

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The end will be resetting at 2pm BST tomorrow! We have a countdown on the forums so that you can see how long away the reset is for you. :)

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