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If you have a report to make against a player, please do so, with the following guidelines.

Please be aware, all reports are anonymous, and your post cannot be seen by anyone, except the Staff Team.

When making a report, it's important to have sufficient information in order for us to carry out a punishment. If you do not have enough information for us to go on, we won't be able to do anything. We know that creating a report, that is ignored, can be frustrating, so please make sure you include all screenshots, and other relevant data, so that we can quickly, and accurately resolve the situation. If your report is about a Staff Member, than please E-Mail @Prxc and @Wardalicious and we will assist you.

Remember: Be as detailed as you possibly can. There is no so such thing as too much information, when it comes to reporting someone. No detail is too small.

In order to report a player, you must use the following format, and answer all questions.

Please copy and paste the following format, into your report thread, and answer ALL questions:


Is this report on the forums, discord, or the server itself:
What is your in-game name (or any nickname relevant):
What is the offender's in-game name (or any nickname relevant):
Have you already reported this, before:
When did this occur (please give exact times/dates, if possible):
Has this happened before (if so, when):

What rule was broken?

Now, please provide proof to your allegation. Screenshots are preferred, and any logs you may have showing what happened:

Any additional information we should know?


Note: False accusation and "troll" reporting will lead to your immediate removal from the server, and your inability to return.

Not open for further replies.